Our Team Members


Diana Baldi


Diana Baldi’s whole life has been about helping others as a scientist, business owner, international consultant, mom of 4, and active volunteer.


Suzanne Frederick

Board Member

Chair for Nominating Committee

When Suzanne’s children started returning to the nest less and less, she and her husband began to explore their wider community and met a Phoenixville Area...


Margo Ketchum

Membership and Events Committee

Before retiring, Margo's career was in Waldorf administration, along with admin support for several non-profits including PATB...


Patty Blank

Vice President

Chair for Events

Relatively new to the Time Bank team, Patty is embracing her passion for helping others. Her desire to help the less well off in our community...


Jeanne Reese


My husband Tom and I are active gardeners; we like to help others with their garden upkeep and are part of the PATB Garden Blitz crew. I belong to Living Landscapes...


Rachael Griffith

Communications Committee Chair

Rachael learned about timebanking through a course in permaculture design in 2011 and immediately connected with the concept.


Frank Frederick


Frank holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut with a concentration in Finance and a BS in Biology/ Environmental Studies from Thiel College...


Denise Martin

Marketing and Communication

After moving to Pennsylvania from Los Angeles in 2017, Denise discovered the Time Bank during a weekly trip to the Phoenixville Farmers’ Market.


Joel Bartlett

Founding Board Member

Joel worked as an Architect in PA and NJ before semi-retiring to the Phoenixville community. His current focus is primarily on forming a sustainable EcoVillage...


Michael Shoeman


Mike was referred to Phoenixville Area Time Bank by a friend who was a member. His fascination with how the element of “Time” could potentially change...


Bruce Baldi

Board Member

Chair for Fundraising

Bruce Baldi brings many varied life skills to the board as a hands-on PhD research scientist working in the business world of achieving problem-solving results...


Bianca Kelly

Administrative Manager

In recent years, I have been studying interaction and user experience design and research. I’ve created websites, apps, and more for work and pleasure.

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