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Time Bank Membership

Join the Time Bank today and enjoy all the benefits of membership for

yourself, your family, and others in our community.

  All individuals, households, and non-profit organizations receive these member opportunities:

  • Make Offers of your talents and services to over 100 Time Bank Members and receive one Time Dollar for each hour that a Member uses your Offer.

  • Make Requests for talents and services from over 100 Members and give one of your Time Dollars for each hour of service you receive.

  • Opportunity to join a Committee and help the Time Bank operate and grow while earning Time Dollars for each hour contributed.

  • Invitations to Monthly Socials. Receive one (1) Time Dollar if you bring a dish to share!

  • Invitations to participate in special events and fundraisers.

  • Opportunities to get involved in our community especially as a Volunteer with our Partner Organizations.

  • The good feeling that comes with building a more resilient Community.

Ready to take the next step?  Click here to learn how to join.

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