About Us


   Our Mission   

To connect diverse individuals by facilitating exchanges of each person's equally-valued time and talents, building a generous, supportive and fully inclusive community throughout the Phoenixville area


An actively engaged community providing opportunities and resources, fulfilling everyone's needs, wants, and dreams

   Our Vision   

Core Values of  Our Timebank


Every person is an asset. Everyone contributes something new and interesting to the community.


We present our priceless talents to contribute to our society such as building strong communities, giving back, making democracy work, etc.


A community is a connection between people who are not related to each other by blood but share a strong bond. 


Instead of just asking for help, here is a way to offer your talents and give back to the community and build strong relations.


Everyone is treated with respect, equality, and love. 


Our History

Founded in 2004 as part of the Time Banks USA initiative, the Phoenixville Area Time Bank counts among its nearly 160 current members people with many different talents and skills. Our members have many things in common - values, commitment, generosity, curiosity, and neighborly concern for others, to name a few. By exchanging their talents and skills, Time Bank members put their time where their values are: in the service of others and their community.

Time Bank is about giving back as much as you are able and getting what you need to maintain a purposeful life. It's a win-win for you and everyone in our community

Every person has something to contribute to our community.