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Jeanne Reese

Board Vice President

Membership Committee Chairperson

Jeanne joined the Timebank in 2013 after signing up at the Farmers’ Market. “I waited until I retired to join, as I traveled a lot in my work. Previously I was a training/technical assistance consultant in special education for the state Departments of Health, Education and Human services… specializing in Early Childhood.” Her early days as an advocate for kids with challenges and their families, and social justice blended well with the mission of the Timebank’s commitment to community.

Jeanne recently accepted the role of Vice President on the Board. Over the years, she and her husband, Tom, have been very active in the Timebank, hosting potlucks, working on the PATB newsletter, helping with Marketing activities, to name a few.

Jeanne and Tom are also active gardeners - they like to help others with their garden upkeep and belong to Living Landscapes, a committee of the Phoenixville Transition group. Jeanne is also obsessed with crafts - fiber arts, especially weaving and spinning, sewing and quilting, to name a few. She and her husband love the great outdoors…biking, kayaking, walking, exploring gardens. Traveling is also a passion, as well as spending time with their two grown daughters and their families.

In the Timebank, she and her husband found a community of like minded individuals committed to making Phoenixville a just, verdant and welcoming place. They are grateful for the many great friends they have made through connections with the Phoenixville Timebank.

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