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How to Join

Follow the guidelines below to become a part of our Community!


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Step 1 -



Once you've decided to become a member and experience what time banking is all about, you will need to complete and submit our Join Application.  Then visit the Plans & Pricing page and select a membership level.  Once your application and dues payment have been processed, you will receive an email about attending orientation, which is Step 2.

Click here to go to the Join Application

Click here to go to Plans & Pricing page.

Step 2 -



At an Orientation session you will learn more about time banking, get introduced to the internal time banking software, and learn how members create requests and offers, and document exchanges.  

We currently offer online orientations on the 3rd Monday of every month.  Check the Events, Orientation page for the next date.  If you don't find an upcoming Orientation that fits your schedule, please email to explore scheduling one at a mutually convenient time.

Step 3 - 


Activate your Membership

You can start exchanging skills, talents, and services upon completion of your Orientation!  And as members post Offers and Requests, you will be notified by email so that you can respond if there is a match with your interests.  Members also arrange exchanges during our social events, so take advantage of those opportunities as well.

There is no obligation to participate or exchange any specific number of times or number of hours, however we encourage you to be an active member in order to experience the joy of time banking, as well as help the Time Bank flourish!   

Recommended -

Volunteer to

Join a Committee

The Time Bank is now operating as an All-Volunteer Model.  In addition to the Board, we have internal committees to help run the Time Bank.  Currently, the committees consist of Membership, Marketing, and Finance. We will most likely form a Fundraising/Community Relations Committee in the future (currently handled by the President).


Each Committee has a Chairperson, possibly an Associate Chairperson, and both static and floating members.  Static members commit to attend all meetings and help throughout the year, while floating members help with various tasks.  Tasks are identified and posted as Requests on an on-going basis throughout the year.  All work done on behalf of the Time Bank earn time dollars.

In the spirit of "it takes a village" we are asking every member to invest some of their time in a Committee(s) (and earn time dollars) thereby allowing the Time Bank to continue to operate, as well as continue to evolve and grow so we can better meet the needs of our members and the community. 

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