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Michael Shoeman

Envisioning Committee Chairperson

Mike was referred to Phoenixville Area Time Bank by a friend who was a member. His fascination with how the element of “Time” could potentially change the economic laws of supply and demand, creating economic equality, and possibly end poverty, was very similar to Time Banking. After some research on the process, Mike joined PATB in September 2019 and since then, he has felt that the Time Bank represents the community coming together to overcome social oppression. Mike is currently leading the Envisioning arm of the Development and Outreach Committee.

Mike Shoeman started becoming a “self taught economist” back in 2002 when working at Morgan Stanley. Since then he has presented workshops about understanding emotional intelligence and social engineering with the Brown University Entrepreneurship Department. He has used his impressive experience to develop performance and workshop opportunities for understanding what he has come to know as the 4 roles we play in life (teacher, provider, artist, and lover). In addition to the value that Mike is able to provide, he has also received value from PATB through learning things about sustainability that he didn’t know otherwise. As he continues to form relationships with members, he finds there is a richness of talent waiting to be tapped.

When Mike isn’t working, volunteering, or thinking deeply about “Reverse Market Mechanics”, he is spending time with his young son. He facilitates topics around dreamwork and improv, where he can have fun and laugh a little during those deep conversations.

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