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Limited Time Offer:   FREE 60-Day Membership Trial
in the Phoenixville Area Time Bank 

Discover this Hidden Gem!




A time bank is an alternative form of capital that builds relationships and abundance instead of pitting people against each other for finite resources.  


Our relationships have an enormous impact on our happiness and success. The time we spend creating meaningful interactions with each other improves our wellbeing in every area of life.

Let’s be honest…when we are driven to compete against each other and money matters more than people, we all lose something.  

The Time Banks USA Initiative recognizes that people are the real value.  Edgar Cahn designed time banking to fill in for the shortcomings of society.  Click here  to read more about Dr. Cahn.  

In honor of International Time Bank Day and the beginning of the spring season, we hope you’ll take advantage of a FREE trial membership to Phoenixville Area Time Bank.  


Join before April 1st to try out the time bank for 60 days and find out why this is such an important and transformational resource.


Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to sign up, or send an email with questions to:

After you join, you will attend a brief orientation to learn how to make offers, requests, and record your exchanges for time dollars. You can ask any questions you have and brainstorm ideas for what you can offer and request.

Phoenixville Area Time Bank is a nonprofit with some key differences from other volunteer organizations:

  1. Reciprocal services
    Those who receive help from a charity may not have a way to give something in return. At the time bank, everyone can offer something.

  2. Collaborative volunteering
    You can volunteer your services to one person, or volunteer with other time bankers as a group to help out another nonprofit organization.

  3. Choose what you do
    You choose how to volunteer your time. Put time into your hobbies, making friends, and learning new skills, if that’s what you decide.

  4. No time commitment 
    You can volunteer as often as you like or just once per month. You can receive an hour of time from someone to free up your busy schedule or knock something off your to-do list. You can give someone just an hour, or three if you want.​


There’s a lot of value when you become a member of the time bank.


  1. When you join, you get immediate access to neighborhood resources you wouldn’t know about except through the time bank.

  2. It’s a much faster and easier way to meet your neighbors, give back, and find help. Using time banking software for posting requests and offers or searching other members’ talents saves time. 

  3. Finding opportunities or needed services can cost hundreds of dollars but through the time bank you may be able to find what you need and pay for it in time dollars, saving a lot of money.

  4. Time banking is a huge part of the future and more important than ever if we want to be a collectivist, versus individualistic, society.  

Only 8 towns in Pennsylvania have a time bank.

Many people don’t know what a time bank is.

Do YOU know about this incredible resource?

Imagine what’s possible.  Discover the value of time banking in 2023!

Sign Up Here   -----> 
for your FREE 60 day Membership Trial!

Hurry!  This offer ends March 31, 2023.

Thank you! We will contact you shortly!

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