Firebird Festival

The Phoenixville Firebird Activity group helps with anything for the annual festival of "burning of the bird" that expresses the spirit of the Phoenix rising from the ashes to start anew, much like the town of Phoenixville has been reborn from its past.  From building the wooden bird, fundraising at first Fridays and the Saturday Farmers Market, to helping at the festival with vendors, security and even t-shirt sales, PATB members can participate in the entire festival process from building to burning.  


From early September until December, building the bird happens every weekend. The process starts with taking apart donated wooden pallets and continues with cutting the wood and construction of the bird, led by the leader of the festival, Henrik Stubbe Teglbjaerg. Volunteers are needed to feed the work crews as well as doing the physical labor. The Firebird Festival and burning the bird is a gathering of thousands of residents, with music, food and craft vendors, and the spirit of Phoenixville on full display. 


While the Phoenixville Jaycees organize the festival, PATB members Laura and Ernie Erdosi and Susan Bauer coordinate with the Jaycees year-round and interface with PATB members to help them get involved.  The Firebird Activity group needs PATB members of many varied skills and interests who want to help this unique community event continue as the success it has become every year in early December. 

To find out more and get involved, contact Bruce Baldi


To get more information about the Firebird Festival, Click here.

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