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Days for Girls

Members who enjoy sewing join together in the Days for Girls Activity Group, led by Jeanne Reese. From January through June, the group prepares menstrual health kits for girls and women around the world and sends them off to Days for Girls. During COVID-19, the group also sewed cloth masks to help the community.

Days for Girls is an international non-profit aimed at supporting independence and education in countries where cultural norms restrict girls' attendance at school, or in extreme cases, their interaction with society, during their menstrual cycles.

The group sews kits that include washable and reusable sanitary supplies, underclothing, and educational materials about women's health. The international organization Days for Girls distributes the kits around the world and depends on volunteers to reach millions of girls and women.


The Philadelphia Inquirer featured Days for Girls and local volunteers (including our group) in an article January 2020:

If you would like to join the Days for Girls group, contact Jeanne Reese.

For more information about the organization Days for Girls, Click here.

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