Frequently Asked Questions

I Want To Give

What does the Phoenixville Area TimeBank do?

We’re on a mission to do good. As a growing not-for-profit organization, we could use members like you! Our neighbors have become more important than ever, and we provide a platform to connect through our online exchange and member events.

How does a TimeBank work?

Each member identifies what they would enjoy contributing to others. It could be
companionship, running errands, computer skills, sewing, or anything else.
A member posts a request on our Community Weaver exchange online; volunteers respond and fulfill the need. A win-win! Sign Up Here. You can also complete the membership process duringan orientation.

Active Members

How Can I list a request?

Click here to post or call this number to ask someone to post for you: __#______

What are the fundraising events this year?

See our Events Page.

Coming Soon