The Digs Report

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Our new office is nearly ready for move in!! 

The drywall has been finished, paint applied, doors stained, lock installed, and carpet is coming next.  We will be deciding on furnishings soon and moving records from Margo and Joel’s office to this new space. If you have something to donate, speak up so we can verify it fits.

Quest for the Best Foundation Grant

PATB received a $2,171 grant from Quest for the Best Foundation that requires a match.

We estimated $4,342 in costs to finish the 3rd floor renovations and furnish the office with furniture and laptop. We are thrilled to confirm that with the generous contributions to this year's Annual Appeal plus a very generous donation ($2,000 for each of 4 nonprofits) from David Wagner of Iron Space Designs, we have met the match requirement for the Quest for the Best Foundation grant! Our deepest appreciation to all those who contributed to this project. 

Quest for the Best Foundation helped the Time Bank through a legal services grant earlier in 2019. Our work on ByLaws and other procedures helped form a partnership and gain approval for this special project grant. Special thanks go to the staff and Board of the Foundation.

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