Time Bank adopts new logo

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Time Bank adopts new logo as part of its initiative to bring awareness to the benefits of Timebanking in our community.

The Board of The Time Bank is pleased to introduce a new logo, which captures our forward momentum and mission.

The circular icon represents the interconnectedness of our members, as well as their connection to the greater Phoenixville community through service and involvement.

You may also notice that our new graphic identity resembles the spinning placeholder on your computer as you're waiting for a new page to load. That's intentional! This modern way of marking time reminds us that sharing time and talent are what The Time Bank is all about.

Join us in thanking Kathy McLaughin of idesign communications for this bold new look. Check out her work at

Time cannot be created. It simply is. The trick is to use it well.

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