Bathroom Stall Reading

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Who doesn’t read what is in a bathroom stall? From graffiti to advertisements, our eyes scan it all. PATB took this opportunity to inspire our community with books related to building community and PATB interests.

Ann’s Heart, a non-profit member of Phoenixville Area Time Bank, decided to offer us and other nonprofits to decorate bathroom stall doors as one of their renovation projects this summer. Who knew? The goal is to create a welcome space for those in our community.

Each partner was asked to paint both sides of a stall door with inspirational artwork, positive affirmations, and/or inspirational messages to help create a more positive and colorful environment.

Thankfully Barnstone Art for Kids created a “How To” guide and provided examples. Our PATB artists were shy to volunteer, yet we wanted to support Ann’s Heart. What to do? A Catchafire graphic artist created a design for us with rectangles and simple shapes that even a non-artist could tackle. Voila! A bookshelf design!

We still needed help so we got coaching from Sherman Williams on priming the metal door, gathered acrylic paints from Michaels, then used the basement of the Bookwork to project and trace the design onto the door. Laura Todd and Diana and Bruce Baldi accepted the challenge!

However, the shapes of books begged to have titles! We took on the challenge to identify books that represent PATB interests and our mission of building community. The titles also needed to fit on the book spines! Thankfully, Brooke Baldi taught us how to print the titles onto a special film to transfer them to the door.

Here are the book titles we selected for the door based on community building, overcoming adversity, local history, and interests of our PATB members and activity groups. We encourage you to explore the books and generate meaningful discussions. Click on any book cover to find out more about each book.

Here are the finished doors to enjoy!

Phoenixville Area Time Bank is thankful to be included in this community project. We hope this door inspires you to explore books and new ideas that help build a resilient community. We are glad to partner with Ann's Heart to strengthen our organizations so we can better support the people in the Phoenixville area.

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