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Our Time Bank has received a generous $1,500 grant from the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation help us grow by enhancing the work of our Board of Directors and supporting Strategic Planning.

We need to match this grant. So, this Valentine's Day and all of February, we are asking you and your fellow members, as well as anyone in our community, to make a gift of any amount.

This grant allows us to work with the La Salle Non-Profit Center, which is conducting training program

for members of our Board and the chairs of our committees, including Membership, Events, Marketing and Communications, and the Executive Committee. 

Also included in the grant are funds to enable us to offer a Strategic Planning Day, open to all

Time Bank members on February 29th. 

Programs such as these are a vital contributor to making our Time Bank a more professional non-profit organization that delivers the highest level of service to members and the community at-large.

Please take a moment to make a donation toward this matching grant today. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law and is a vote of confidence in the Time Bank and the good work that all of our members do in our community.

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