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Frank Frederick

Board Member


Frank holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut with a concentration in Finance and a BS in Biology/Environmental Studies from Thiel College, along with a number of computer science courses from various colleges in the Boston area. He spent 3 years in the U.S. Army as a biological science assistant working in a lab that did human physiology research (i.e., sports medicine). For the last many years he has been working in various Information Technology roles from data analyst to programmer to designer to database administrator to project manager. In parallel, he and his wife, Suzanne have raised 4 kids and a few dogs.

He believes that the mission of PATB is to build a friendly and supportive community in the Phoenixville Area that facilitates the exchange of services between people in the community. The motivation for him to join the community of PATB was to support a local organization that truly values and helps people. Being a board member has allowed him to meet like-minded people. Becoming a board member allowed him to apply the skills and life lessons accumulated over the years as a constructive member of a team. These skills will guide the Time bank as it grows and changes to meet the needs of the community.

He and his wife enjoys hiking, bicycle riding, gardening (with a focus in sprouts and microgreens) and touring rural PA towns and rail trails.

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