Suzanne Frederick

Board Member

Nominating Committee Chair

When Suzanne’s children started returning to the nest less and less, she and her husband began to explore their wider community and met a Phoenixville Area Time Bank member who was running the PATB booth at the Farmer’s Market. They were drawn to the member’s passion and the Time Bank concept and several months later, they were members. Suzanne feels that the exchanges that happen through the PATB develop social interaction, shared understanding, and a greater appreciation for one another.

Suzanne Frederick holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut, a BS from Albany State University and a Paralegal Certificate from Villanova University. She earned PHR and SPHR certifications from SHRM. Her experiences in human resources span a coffee manufacturer to consulting for companies as large as Comcast and as small as brand new nonprofits. As a board member, Suzanne brings her 20+ years of HR experience and focuses on recruitment. One of her most notable contributions was her involvement in recruiting PATB’s Administrative Manager. Being a board member allows Suzanne to better understand its organizational strengths and challenges and help to contribute to organizational sustainability.

Suzanne and her husband Frank enjoy long hikes, yoga, bicycle rides and spending time with their four children. Her favorite game is Scrabble and as a kid, her family would use it to connect with one another at the end of the day. Suzanne now approaches life knowing that there is still so much more to learn. After a trip to Italy, Suzanne and her husband returned with a new appreciation for travel throughout the US and did so in as small an RV as they could find. The RV world and the people in it have allowed her to appreciate a simpler side of life that she did not know existed.