Janelle Mehan

Board Member

Marketing & Communications Committee Member

While relatively new to PATB after living most of her life in the Phoenixville area, Janelle has taken the vision of PATB to heart by extensive volunteer service through Orion, Phoenixville Hospital, Sol Kitchen and as a ServeSafe champion for food projects at Ann's Heart. Janelle is a very active member with many exchanges to her credit, but more so is an active volunteer who helps PATB wherever and whenever she is needed. Janelle also stepped up to join the Board in 2020 to inspire others to be active in timebanking in order to give back to the community, and become part of the team steering PATB in new directions. Janelle graduated in December 2017 from Chestnut Hill College, majoring in Human Services, and currently lives in Phoenixville area where she creates tasty baked goods and candies to share at PATB events.