Cookie Adam

Vice President

Eleanor moved to Phoenixville from Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania almost five years ago. She has been a member of the Phoenixville Area Time Bank for four of those years. Eleanor’s experience with PATB has allowed her to make her community a better place and in turn, she has also received the help that she and her family has needed. A group of PATB members helped her move, recreated her kitchen in her new home, and got a fresh coat of paint on her walls, all while her husband was recovering after an extensive hospital stay.

Eleanor “Cookie” Adam is a board member and is on the Events Committee of PATB. She has spent her professional career as a school teacher …… [insert more information about what she taught and her most notable events/accomplishments on the board. Add in how her experience in teaching has allowed her to do xyz].

When Eleanor isn’t working with the PATB Event Committee to make scones for a Strategic Planning meeting, she enjoys camping, the beach, museums, and sports with her children and husband, Chuck. Eleanor also enjoys reading, walking, and spending time with their two Yorkies.

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