Bruce Baldi

Board Member

Fundraising Committee Chair

Bruce Baldi brings many varied life skills to the board as a hands-on PhD research scientist working in the business world of achieving problem-solving results based on both individual contributions and teamwork. He has always sought new adventures that go with his inquisitive nature; traits that have carried him through a lifetime of going to new places and learning new things as a student of natural history, world history and family history.

Bruce brought Diana to Phoenixville in Sept 2016, being drawn to the walkable and lively place. His first impression of PATB was that it was a vibrant and active community, whose diverse members worked together for the good of everyone in town. As a board member, Bruce has worked to help with fundraising with the Orion 5K race and grant writing projects. He also has worked on projects to increase membership by raising the visibility of PATB in the community; building the Phoenixville Firebird, the Bed Races, the new Bookworm office, and the First Friday booth. He has gained a lot by participating in projects that are building community connections, and has met many interesting people.

Along with his work, Bruce enjoys being in nature; hiking, fly-fishing, birding, and canoeing, and has enjoyed being with his three daughters and Diana over the last 30 years. Bruce has been a PATB member since early 2017, and Board member since the summer of 2018.